Article Dec 22, 2016

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Jennifer Aniston once stole beads to create a homemade necklace

Jennifer Aniston was forced to return a handful of beads she stole as a youngster to try and make a necklace.

The Office Christmas Party actress has designers clamoring to adorn her in jewels now that she’s a celebrity, but when she was little Jennifer took to making her own accessories. Not all her methods of jewelry making went down well though as she recalled during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! an incident where she shoplifted goods to do so.

“Beads, from a bead shop. Like bead necklaces (you wear) when you’re eight years old,” she admitted on Thursday night’s (08Dec16) show, explaining how she and one of her friends ended up being out by themselves at just eight years old and they stopped by a store. “They’re little and we thought we were awesome (taking them), and then we came home and we laid them all out just thinking about all the necklaces we were gonna make and her mom walks in. We weren’t hiding it like you would if you’ve stolen something, we weren’t smart thieves, so then we had to go back and personally return them. (I apologized) profusely. It never happened again.”

Her confession came after Kimmel showed Jennifer, 47, a photo of herself wearing a black coat with a price tag still attached to the inside during a recent screening of Office Christmas Party in New York. Publications were quick to pick up on her wardrobe blunder, though all wasn’t as it seemed as the former Friends star cleared things up to the talk show host.

“Here’s the sad part of this story, I’ve worn this coat about four times... Very sweetly it was gifted to me from a commercial that I had just shot so I kinda wore it home, not thinking... I didn’t think about it at all to be honest and yeah, four wears later this happens. It’s not even like it’s a light tag!” she cringed.