Article Dec 27, 2016

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Jennifer Lawrence: 'I'm a huge hypochondriac!'

Jennifer Lawrence is such a hypochondriac that she once made her intestine bleed by stressing herself out.

The Hunger Games star has won over fans with her down-to-earth attitude and hilarious remarks over the past few years. And as she appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday night (12Dec16), Jennifer opened up about her hypochondria and how it manifests itself.

"I'm a huge hypochondriac," she laughed. "I love medicine, I love Googling, I love being an alarmist, I love panicking people. One time I had stomach issues that were real and they were really painful but everyone was like, 'There's nothing wrong with your stomach'. And what had happened was that I had stressed myself out that so my intestine started bleeding. I can do that, with my mind!"

Jennifer has been touring the world promoting her new movie Passengers, in which she stars with Chris Pratt. Her next stop is China, but the 26-year-old is already getting herself worked up about what health issues she might suffer from in the country.

"I have an unrealistic fear, I have to go to China in a few days, and I have this fear that I'm going to get an appendicitis attack when I'm in China," she explained. "And I've convinced myself of it. Last night I started to fall asleep and my eyes shot open and I was like, '(gasp), oh no!' I just keep thinking about it."

The stunning blonde certainly doesn't help herself though - even Googling pictures of bacteria during her time off. But sometimes Jennifer's medical instincts pay off, with the actress recalling one incident when she grew concerned about a friend's mole.

"I was bothering somebody about a mole and I was like, 'That mole's bad news'. And the person was like, 'You think everything's bad news because you're a psycho', and I was like, 'Yes, but that's a bad mole'," Jennifer said.

"They didn't even tell me when they went to the doctor because I was so crazy but the doctor said that I saved their life. Which made everything a lot worse!"