Article Dec 12, 2016

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Jenny McCarthy learned to sew to make son's Halloween costumes

Model-turned-media personality Jenny McCarthy learned to sew last year (15) so she could make her son's Halloween costume dreams come true.

The busty blonde was left stumped after her boy Evan, 14, revealed he wanted to dress up as a cult video game teddy bear character, which wasn't available in stores, so she decided to pick up a needle and thread and create it herself.

The costume was a hit with her son, so Jenny was asked to work her magic again this year (16), too.

"Jenny actually made her son's costume, my step son Evan's," her husband, Donnie Wahlberg, revealed on morning show Live! With Kelly. "She sewed the whole thing together."

He continued, "Last year he wanted to be this Five Nights at Freddy's (character), which is like, this animatronic bear thing, so she's like, 'Well, how am I gonna buy that costume? They don't sell it anywhere.' He was like, 'Just make it, mom,' so she took up sewing and made it, and this year she had to make this wolf."

Despite Jenny now having to put in a little extra work for her kid every Halloween, Donnie insists it's still one of her favorite holidays, because she loves to dress up.

"They should make Halloween every day of October, just so I can watch my wife dress up 31 times!" the singer/actor quipped.

Both Jenny and Donnie, who wed in 2014, got into the spirit of the spooky holiday this year (16) by donning a couple's costume and dressing up as iconic Disney characters.

He added, "My wife was like, 'I wanna be Minnie Mouse', so I was like, 'So I guess I'll be Mickey.'"

Jenny shared a photo of their finished look, complete with oversized mouse ears, on Instagram on Monday (31Oct16), and simply captioned it, "Happy Halloween!"