Article Dec 26, 2016

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Jessica Alba: 'My Halloween trick or treat was great exercise'

Jessica Alba is gym shy and insists she only works out when she has to.

The stunning Latina admits she's so busy with her Honest company and her two daughters, she gets enough exercise just by staying on top of all her daily habits - and hitting the streets to go trick or treating in Hollywood at Halloween, revealing she romped around a friend's hilly neighborhood with her kids.

"You walk up and down and it's like you're getting exercise, so I didn't even need to go to the gym..." she told chat show host Ellen DeGeneres. "I should go to the gym."

Jessica recently posed for the cover of fitness magazine Shape and confessed she did just enough to keep toned and tight, and then just posed and hoped for the best.

"You know how you, like, cover the bits and you know how to do the (pose)... So that's what I was doing," she chuckled, insisting the Shape expose is "more about inner beauty" and celebrating confidence.

She explained, "There's so many different ideas of what is beautiful and so many beauty companies want you to become someone else... We're just enhancing and celebrating your own beauty and that's what (my new company) Honest Beauty is all about."

Jessica had to hit the gym for her latest movie Mechanic: Resurrection so she could master Krav Maga, and The Fantastic Four star reveled at putting her martial arts skills to the test onscreen in The Mechanic sequel.

"I've learned a bunch of different disciplines in martial arts, but I'd never learned Krav Maga...," she recently explained during an appearance on breakfast show Today. "You take your opponent down basically, with anything that's around as quickly as possible, and then you get out of the situation, so it's brutal, it's fast... and it was fun to do!"

She completed her training in Thailand, where the film was shot, adding, "For me, it was a dream job, because I got to do some action, I got to be in a movie with Jason (Statham), which I've always wanted to do, and then we shot in Thailand. The water's gorgeous, the food is so good... It's really beautiful!"

The film hit cinemas this past summer (16).