Article Dec 24, 2016

You are no longer passing

Jonathan Anderson fully embraces Creative Director title

Jonathan Anderson prefers to refer to himself as a Creative Director rather than a designer.

The fashion mogul launched his own brand J.W. Anderson in 2008 and five years later took the helm of LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton-owned label Loewe.

Although he is the man behind both brand's modern interpretation of masculinity and femininity, for Anderson it’s more important to run the businesses smoothly than take on every single task.

“I always say I am a creative director, not a fashion designer,” he told WWD during the Vogue Fashion Festival in Paris. “The reason being that over the last 10 years, brands have become multi-faceted. I feel it’s about directing. As much I would like to say I do everything from start to finish myself, if I did that I probably wouldn’t get much done. Being a creative director is about directing your team and how you get the best result from them.”

When it comes to his creative process, Anderson researches everything from vintage fashion to style books for inspiration, as he needs plenty of ideas to create 12 collections each year.

However each label has very different customers, meaning the Northern Ireland-born sartorial star has to ensure his choices are clearly differentiated.

Discussing how he balances his workload between the fashion houses, he explained time spent on the Eurostar between Loewe’s Paris office and London for J.W.Anderson is vital.

“In a weird way, Eurostar is a great thing because it ultimately gives you two and a half hours where you have very poor signal and you are stuck on your own,” he smiled. “By the time I get through the (English) Channel, my mind is already on Loewe and on my way back, it’s on my own brand. I am very commercially driven. For me, the most important thing is to grow because if you grow, you can employ more people, it means that more things can be done.”