Article Nov 10, 2016

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Kelly Clarkson: 'I don't want to suck as a mom'

Kelly Clarkson is struggling with mommy guilt as she tries to be the best mother to her two kids.

The Since U Been Gone singer gave birth to her second child, Remington, six months ago and now she's mom to him, two-year-old sister River Rose and husband Brandon Blackstock's two kids from a previous relationship, and she admits life at home can be a little overwhelming at times.

"You have to juggle everything," she tells People magazine. "While I love music, my family comes first. There are days where s**t hits the fan, and I'm crying because there's not enough time to do everything. But that's any mom. It's a hard thing to take care of children. You're molding lives. You don't want to suck at it.

"Every day is different. But there's always a lot of energy. The older kids are home schooled. So everybody is always in the house. It's a really busy, busy household."

But it's when she has to perform or promote a new song or book that the worst things about motherhood kick in.

"I'm bad at time management," she adds. "I definitely feel mom guilt a lot. I think every good mom does, right? I think I have mom guilt too because my mom didn't have help and I have help. I feel like, 'Why can't I do it all?' But you can't. That's dumb.

"I do so much for them and I do bend over backwards. But it doesn't matter. If you're a mom, you want to be with your kid every day. You don't want to miss a moment and you want her to need you and want you and not want somebody else.

"It's a hard thing, but I think being a confident female for my daughter. I don't know. We're all human. She will end up in therapy for something. I am sure there will be something! I hope it won't be confidence."