Article Nov 16, 2016

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Kelly Clarkson thankful to have husband as her manager

Pop star Kelly Clarkson is convinced hiring her husband as her manager has worked wonders for their marriage.

The Because of You hitmaker began dating Blake Shelton's manager Brandon Blackstock in 2012, and they tied the knot in October, 2013.

Brandon has since taken on his wife as a client, and Kelly is more than happy to mix business with pleasure, insisting communication is key both at work and at home.

"It's so great because he understands every part of my day so I don't have to explain that to someone," she tells "He knows why I might be in a great mood or a sad mood or why things are hard.

"At the same time we do have these moments where I'm like, 'OK, you're managing me right now'. And he will be like, 'OK, you're being that really artsy person that's, like, up and down right now'. So we do have to call each other out but we're pretty communicative, which is key.

"We pull the reins on each other when we feel like we need to. But we're definitely ying and yang. We're different personalities."

And the mother-of-two admits if she didn't work with Brandon, she would be too busy juggling their kids and her career to spend any time with him.

"With this specific job, it's such a busy job," she continues. "It's 24/7, so if I weren't (managed by him), I wouldn't be with him. So it kind of makes sense. I think that's why Celine (Dion) did it. I think that's why Mariah (Carey) did it. I know a lot of artists do that because it makes sense."

Kelly, who gave birth to the couple's son Remington in April (16), is now working on her new album, the follow up to 2015's Piece by Piece, and she reveals fans will get to hear her new material in the spring (17).

"We are hoping the single will be in April, and then the album in June," she says. "It's my favorite thing I've ever done... I've been dying to make this record."