Article Dec 25, 2016

You are no longer passing

Kim Cattrall 'fearful of getting Alzheimer's disease' like her father

Kim Cattrall is concerned she will succumb to the same disease that led to her father's death.

The Sex and the City actress returned to Liverpool, the city in which she was born and lived as a child, to film a role in the BBC’s adaptation of Agatha Christie classic, The Witness For The Prosecution.

The actress admitted being back in the city made her think of her father, Dennis, who suffered from Alzheimer’s disease and died in 2012, and she opened up about her fears of succumbing to the same illness.

“I’m concerned about Alzheimer’s disease,” Kim told Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper in an interview. “It took my father. But that’s your DNA . It’s part of life. And I’m trying not to be so fear-based. It’s a wake-up call to enjoy life, more than anything else.

"I want to make the most of the time that I have where I’m healthy and mobile. My mother is all there – she’s 87 and amazing."

Kim spent the first few months of her life in Liverpool before moving to Canada. She later returned aged 11, when her grandmother was ill, before leaving again at 16.

The 60-year-old stars as Emily French in The Witness For The Prosecution, a wealthy widow with a taste for younger men. While she recently turned a well-preserved 60, thanks to a lifestyle of “healthy eating, exercise, no sunbathing and natural skin care”, the Police Academy actress admits the milestone has made her much more aware of the ageing process, as she questions her own mortality.

“I didn’t grow up with grandparents, so I wasn’t fortunate enough to experience the ageing process when I was young, " she shared. "Death still feels like a surprise when it happens, as you protect yourself on a daily basis from those catastrophic situations, which are hard to bear. So I’m trying to discover it and embrace it, when it’s happening to me.”