Article Dec 23, 2016

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Lily James: 'I had a thing for Burberry boys'

Burberry campaign star Lily James’ earliest memory of the brand involves boys.

The British actress fronts the label’s My Burberry Black fragrance adverts, and stars in the 2016 Christmas campaign which tells the story of founder Thomas Burberry.

In The Tale of Thomas Burberry, Lily plays Betty Dawson, an ambitious pilot based on real-life pilot Betty Kirby-Green, opposite Domhnall Gleeson, Sienna Miller and Dominic West.

“When I was younger I remember seeing the boys wearing those Burberry shirts,” Lily smiled to People Style of her first Burberry memory. “They’re sort of a bit retro now but it was full check - the entire shirt. I’d always find (the boys wearing) them rather attractive. I think they’re trying to bring that sort of thing back which I think is very exciting. I think bold is brilliant.”

Lily, 27, likes to recycle old fashions herself, and still wears dresses she bought over a decade ago.

“I’m a real hoarder,” she grinned. “I still have dresses that I wore when I was 16 at discos. When I go on summer holidays I tend to get out my little mini dresses I bought from Topshop back in the 2000s. I love them.”

For the new Burberry ad, Lily sports a glamorous retro look, teaming bright red lips with a classic Burberry trench coat. Fans have demanded that movie execs make the three minute advert into a feature length movie, with Domhnall wowing as Thomas in the tale of the brand's early years.

“There are actually archive photos of Betty as she landed into South Africa and she really did reapply her red lipstick which is pretty cool,” Lily smiled of her character.