Article Dec 01, 2016

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Lin-Manuel Miranda: 'I'm proud I survived Hamilton and Moana productions'

Lin-Manuel Miranda has compared the completion of his work on Broadway play Hamilton and Disney movie Moana to entering a new stage of parenthood.

The multi-talented 36-year-old star created hit historical rap musical Hamilton and penned songs for the Moana soundtrack, and now he is done with the projects, he is enjoying watching them take on a life of their own.

"I'm proud that I survived it," Miranda tells Vulture. "Happy that they both go on. When I finished my writing for Moana, the fun part was going, 'Oh, now (film composer) Mark Mancina is going to build a score around these songs and he's gonna quote it in lots of unexpected ways in the soundscape of the movie!'

"The excitement about that was just beginning, and then with Hamilton, it feels like sending your kid off to college. Hamilton has all the things it needs to keep going strong, and I feel really lucky to have been in it for a year."

However, Lin-Manuel confesses he desperately misses the thrill of hitting the stage as his musicals' lead character Alexander Hamilton, noting something about being fully absorbed in the theatre performance deeply soothed his soul.

"I miss the oasis that performing in Hamilton provided," Miranda, who stepped off the Hamilton stage in July (16), explains. "When you've written Hamilton, the calmest place to be is just inside the show for two hours and 45 minutes. You're not supposed to be answering emails or fielding calls - the only thing you're supposed to do is be Alexander Hamilton, and there's something Zen about only having one job."

"Moana was an oasis, too," he adds. "When the Founders were too much for me, I'd go sail across the sea in my mind. So I missed those oases, but at the same time, you get to celebrate them in a new way. I feel like the grandparent of Hamilton now. I wrote it and there's nothing for me to do now, really, besides show up, say, 'Oh my God, you're all so beautiful,' and cheer."