Article Oct 26, 2016

You are no longer passing

Lucky Blue Smith doesn’t feel famous

Lucky Blue Smith doesn’t consider himself to be a celebrity.

The American model was scouted in his native Utah when he was aged 10, and upon signing with Next Management began his career two years later in Los Angeles.

A relative newcomer, Lucky has risen through the fashion ranks swiftly, fronting campaigns for the likes of Tom Ford and Calvin Klein.

But he doesn’t view himself as being on the same level of fame as other top young models, such as Kendall Jenner or Gigi Hadid.

“I still don’t feel famous,” he told London’s Evening Standard. “Like, I feel I’m well known, but I don’t feel famous-famous. But I do have a totally different idea (of fame) from what I had before. Before, it was like you think of all the things you’ve seen from other celebrities.”

Lucky boasts an impressive 2.6 million followers on Instagram, and his popularity is still on the rise.

He even gets mobbed by fans if he posts Insta-meets or is spotted by social media followers when he’s off-duty.

“It’s the weirdest feeling,” explained Lucky. “When you have, like, tonnes and tonnes of girls. When I go to China, there are thousands. They’re really enthusiastic. When I had that bleached blonde hair, they were always trying to touch it.”

The 18-year-old has also just finished writing his first book, an autobiography titled Stay Golden. The work was ghostwritten by his father Dallon and gives insight into his upbringing and his life on the road.

“I also wanted to inspire and help people from my experiences and what I’ve learnt and help them with confidence as much as I can. It’s just another way to speak to my fans,” he said.