Article Nov 13, 2016

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Luke Hemsworth couldn’t keep his cool on set of Westworld

Luke Hemsworth fanboyed over Anthony Hopkins on the set of Westworld.

The Australian actor, older brother of Chris and Liam Hemsworth, is currently starring in the small screen version of cult ‘70s Sci Fi movie Westworld, about a futuristic theme park populated by artificial beings.

Anthony Hopkins and Ed Harris co-star, with J.J. Abrams acting as executive producer. Created by The Dark Knight writer Jonathan Nolan, brother of filmmaker Christopher Nolan, Luke admits it was sometimes hard to keep his cool on set.

“It definitely comes and goes – there are days when you get used to it, and then there are days here you’re like, ‘yep, I’m talking to Anthony Hopkins right now’,” he grinned to GQ Australia.

“There’s been some giddy fanboy moments that I try and deal with, but they’re all good people to talk to - very open, helpful and friendly.”

His part in Westworld has helped put 35-year-old Luke on the Hollywood map, and after years of his acting jobs being overshadowed by his sibling’ success, the star is over the moon to be a part of the hit TV series.

“To be honest, it was at a stage where I was champing to get any role,” he admitted. “And it’s a bonus when the material’s so big – it’s easier to read and it gives you some excitement. And you don’t get this very often – it's usually, ‘bulls**t, bulls**t bulls**t’, my line, ‘bulls**t, bulls**t, bulls**t.’ So it’s nice to be involved in the story and see what happens next – to have work for this amount of time and spend that amount of time on a character, I’ve never had that before. And to do that with material of this caliber is a bonus.”

The first season of Westworld, which also stars Evan Rachel Wood, Thandie Newton and James Marsden, comes to a close in December, with TV sources confident a second series is likely.