Article Nov 22, 2016

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Marc Jacobs refuses to buy into fast fashion hype

Marc Jacobs refuses to buy into the hype surrounding the fast fashion movement.

The American designer launched his eponymous label in 1986, building a reputation for quirky outerwear and versatile accessories.

Though Jacobs now has over 200 retail stores in 80 countries, he doesn’t have any desire to jump on the instant fashion bandwagon that brands such as Burberry, Ralph Lauren and Tom Ford are adopting, where they offer clothes to the consumer straight off the runway.

“I’ll wait six months for something that I want and I’ll pay a fortune for it, but I wouldn’t give a dollar for something that’s available today that I don’t want,” he told WWD during a Future of Clothes round table. “I’d rather wait for something. That’s what fashion is to me and I don’t want to sound so belligerent and negative, but I don’t think one can be everything to all people.”

The 53-year-old designer is also wary of online shopping and claims he much prefers the instore shopping experience. In particular, he likes to soak in the atmosphere of department stores or boutiques while sitting back with a coffee.

“I’m an old-fashioned person who learned to go shopping with his grandmother at Bergdorf Goodman,” he shared. “I don’t want to sit in front of a computer screen and I certainly don’t want to look at my phone any longer than I have to.”

During the conversation, New York-based designer Joseph Altuzarra also contributed, adding that he wasn’t so sure if fast fashion would really address the changing way people are consuming products.

He describes consumers' desire for newness all of the time as “more of a hindrance” to his process. “I go to trunk shows and meet customers,” he said. “They go in a fitting room and whether it’s see now, buy now or they have to wait six months, if they put on a $3,000 (£2,454) dress and they don’t look good or they don’t feel good… they’re not going to buy it.”