Article Dec 29, 2016

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Mariah Carey was late for Luxembourg concert due to team's time difference fail

Mariah Carey was late for a show earlier this year (16) because her team didn't account for a time difference between London and Luxembourg.

The Hero singer made a stop in the European country as part of her Sweet Sweet Fantasy Tour in March (16) but took to the stage more than two hours late, and it has now been revealed in sneak peek of her reality show Mariah's World the singer's team didn't realize account for an hour's time difference between the country and her temporary base in London.

A preview clip for an upcoming episode shows Mariah on a private jet with her manager Stella Bulochnikov, makeup artist Kristofer Buckle, and tour manager Yoni, among others. Once the plane lands, Stella sounds worried as she informs everybody they have only 55 minutes until showtime, until Yoni makes the realization that they are already late.

"I think that there's an hour time difference between Luxembourg and the U.K.," Yoni says, and Stella replies, "What are you talking about?!"

When he explains Luxembourg are an hour ahead, Kristofer says, "Are you kidding? So, she's supposed to be on stage 15 minutes ago and we're here on a plane?"

"Please tell me that she's not supposed to be onstage 15 minutes ago," Stella said to Yoni. "Please tell me this is not possible. Please tell me this is not true!"

Footage from the concert uploaded to YouTube in March (16) shows Mariah pleading for the audience to forgive her lateness. In the video description, the fan claims she was two and half hours late.

In the episode, which airs in the U.S. on Sunday (18Dec16), the singer explained to the cameras that for the European portion of the tour she decided to base herself in London so her twins Moroccan and Monroe, five, can have a temporary home.

"Even if it means longer commutes for me, it's worth it for me to have my kids have a home base," she said.