Article Jan 02, 2017

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Mary Katrantzou broadens pre-season offerings

Mary Katrantzou is revamping her pre-collection offerings.

The Greek fashion designer debuted her first ready-to-wear collection in 2009, where she garnered a reputation for her use of bright colors and trompe l'oeil prints.

Her designs are now stocked in over 200 stores across 47 countries, and Katrantzou has decided to revamp her pre-collections so that they better align with the seasons.

From now on, resort will be known as November, while pre-fall has been renamed May, in reference to the times of year when those collections start landing on the shop floor.

"It also means the pieces we shoot for the look book are the pieces that were actually bought by the stores and there’s no disparity between what’s been photographed and what can be purchased," she told WWD. "It’s more efficient and it means we can also create a look book with personality that reflects the ethos and aesthetic of the collection."

Katrantzou added that switching up her pre-collection release dates also means the images are "fresh" and haven’t been around for several months before the clothes hit the shop floor.

For her November collection, to be unveiled shortly, the designer has broadened her offer, adding a range of separates such as skirts, blouses and knits at a wider variety of price points.

The range features colored lace daisies, which are dotted on the edges of miniskirts or are applied to the front of Chantilly lace dresses.

However, the London-based sartorial star has no plans to fully adopt the see now, buy now business model taken on by the likes of Tom Ford, Burberry and Tommy Hilfiger, where they are trying to close the gap between when garments are shown on the runway and available to purchase in store.

She will continue to stage seasonal shows during London Fashion Week.