Article Nov 18, 2016

You are no longer passing

Miley Cyrus expanding charity efforts in wake of Donald Trump election win

Miley Cyrus has launched a new charity campaign in a bid to bring communities together following Donald Trump's stunning election victory.

The billionaire was elected America's 45th president on Tuesday (08Nov16), and in a video released the following day (09Nov16), the Wrecking Ball star sobbed over Democrat Hillary Clinton's defeat.

However, Miley has rebounded from the sadness quickly, and she is now launching a philanthropic campaign called Hopeful Hippies as part of her the Happy Hippie Foundation to empower young Americans.

"Many of us aren’t sure what to do after the election, but now more than ever it’s important for us to come together and take action to work for the America we want," she wrote in an Instagram caption attached to a video announcement on Thursday (10Nov16).

"That’s why we’re launching #HopefulHippies, and I’m asking you to get involved in your own community and make a commitment to the issues you care about, whether it’s donating, volunteering or showing your support!"

Cyrus, who picked up Clinton's 'Stronger Together' campaign message and applied it to the Hopeful Hippies initiative, has already determined how she wants to help others, noting: "I'm starting off by pledging to education, and I’m excited Happy Hippie will now be supporting classroom projects and schools..."

Miley has also encouraged fans to visit her website if they are feeling lost about what to do: "If you need ideas to get you started, check out to find local opportunities near you supporting the issues we care about. Share your pledge to take action in your community using #HopefulHippies. Can’t wait to see yours, I’ll be reposting some of my favorite ones!"