Article Oct 19, 2016

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Miuccia Prada talks fine line between art and fashion

Miuccia Prada ensures her garments are wearable and don’t cross over into art.

The Italian fashion designer and businesswoman is the head designer of Prada and the founder of its subsidiary Miu Miu.

Known for her quirky yet sophisticated designs, Miuccia doesn’t hold back when it comes to taking risks, though she’s very careful to ensure her clothes and accessories don’t cross over into being pure art forms.

“Perhaps we do things that are too strange, and sometimes I think to myself, ‘Is this the right thing to do?’ – because there is that fine line between pure art and fashion,” she told System magazine. “I’ve always wanted to make clothes that people wear, otherwise I’d change my job and become an artist.”

Miuccia’s spring/summer 2017 collection for Prada, which was shown at Milan Fashion Week last month (Sep16), featured graphic sweaters, plain fitted polo necks and blazers in clashing ‘60s patterns.

And the 67-year-old admits that it is can be difficult to come up with fresh inspiration each season.

“I like the idea of doing something that is new, that is for sure..." she added. "But it sometimes feels like everything has been done, so today it is sometimes more about context and how you choose to put things together. For instance, you can work on something that is pop, and why women like bows, hearts, pink, and so on.”

Miuccia also commented on the state of the fashion industry at present, noting that the merry-go-round of designers joining and departing the various houses is “very interesting”.

In future, she would like to see brand creative directors work as “curators” for different houses, instead of being tied down to just one company.

“I am thinking more and more about exactly this kind of idea, because it feels like it is needed – not just to get the world talking, but to broaden the horizons of what fashion can be, and also to have fun,” she shared.