Article Oct 25, 2016

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Natalia Vodianova to share treasured Diane von Furstenberg necklace

Natalia Vodianova is sharing her treasured Diane von Furstenberg necklace with the world through her David Yurman collaboration.

The Russian model has modeled for the jewellery company for some time now and also acts as ambassador for the brand. Being a big fan of trinkets herself, one of Natalia's favorite pieces is a gold coin given to her by designer Diane, which belonged to her father who fought in the war. Fans can soon get their hands on a replica created by David Yurman via the Love Shop on the model’s charitable Elbi app, which allows users to donate to different causes.

“(Diane’s father) carried this gold coin around with him in case of emergency. He never used it but it was so significant to him because in the end it became his lucky charm. Diane gave me one and I made it into a necklace,” she told W Magazine. "David Yurman gave us a very similar sort of charm necklace for the Love Shop that looked a little like my DVF coin and hopefully some young kid will have the spirit of that charm, but by David Yurman from the Love Shop.”

Other meaningful jewelry which Natalia holds close is the ring her husband Antoine gave her and a band from her grandfather.

Alongside her fashion career and tech interests the brunette beauty is also a philanthropist, founding the Naked Heart Foundation, and a mother of five. The Russian beauty jokes her plate is too full to take on much more, but she does have a few more projects up her sleeve.

“Elbi is a very, very big ambition and I think it’s going to take a lot of my time for years to come. At the moment, I am not looking for anything else,” she added. “What it is is an app where we invite our users, which are young people in general, to do something good on their mobile device.”