Article Dec 03, 2016

You are no longer passing

Nick Cannon: 'Donald Trump's presidency may bring about positive change in America'

Nick Cannon is interested in the changes America will go through after Donald Trump becomes president in January (17), insisting adversity will enhance progress.

The billionaire businessman was at the center of various controversies during the election, including comments he made about illegal Mexican immigrants, who he branded “rapists" and criminals.

Nick did not support Trump during the election, but he feels he is more prepared for his presidency because he knows what he is up against.

“I like my racism served right to my face,” he told The Huffington Post. "I rather you be honest with me and let me know how you really feel about me. I believe the country now is on edge. And I feel like you gotta go through uncomfortable times to actually have growth. So I’m excited to see what it’s gonna become, because as people, we’re gonna prevail in such an amazing way, because we always do. Whenever we’ve been hit with adversity, we always rise to the top.”

The 36-year-old rapper, actor and TV host also feels the election will bring many of the country’s societal issues to the forefront.

“I love the fact that people can no longer say racism doesn’t exist in America, because it clearly does and it was clearly shown in this election,” he added.

“We’re no longer sweeping our dirty secrets under the rug, we’re talking about it on the table,” he continued. “Trump’s talking about building walls (between Mexico and the U.S.) and all types of craziness, and we gotta deal with that. I think all of that stuff is gonna come to the forefront where everybody has to realize that there’s no point of fear-mongering and all of this stuff just to get your point across. If ultimately we continue for America to be the land of opportunity and the melting pot, we gotta get past the bulls**t (sic).”