Article Nov 17, 2016

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Nicole Kidman: 'My golden Oscars' gowns remain my best look'

Nicole Kidman is a golden girl when it comes to fashion because she thinks her two best red carpet looks were shimmering Dior gowns.

The Australian actress opened up about her style secrets at the second annual InStyle Awards on Monday night in Los Angeles (24Oct16) when she was asked by Entertainment Tonight to reel off her favorite looks.

Wearing a pink-and-black Versace gown to the bash, she immediately thought of another favorite designer and two golden Oscar night gowns from 2000 and 2007, when she attended Hollywood big awards ceremony with ex-husband Tom Cruise.

"I think I like the Dior (from 2007)..." she mused. "There was another beautiful gold Dior that no one comments on but was probably one of my favorites (from 2000). And I got to wear, like, the most beautiful 24-carat gold antique gloves that I still own - fingerless gloves."

The Oscar winner has a keen sense of style, which was passed on by her mother, who made Nicole and her sisters' clothes when they were growing up.

"She made all my clothes for me ever since I was little," she tells ET, "so I was able to think things up and tear stuff out of magazines when I got to be a teenager, and she would make them for my sister and I. So, our prom dresses, my mom made.

"I think that's probably why I love clothes so much because I watch them... and really, I love couture because of that - because I know what it takes to make things, and the mastery in a couture dress takes my breath away - still takes my breath away."