Article Jan 02, 2017

You are no longer passing

Nicole Kidman thanks husband for helping her cope with father's death

Nicole Kidman has publicly thanked her husband Keith Urban for helping her cope with her father's sudden death in 2014.

Dr. Anthony Kidman was pronounced dead in hospital after suffering a fall while visiting Nicole's sister Antonia in Singapore, and his actress daughter rushed to join her family as they mourned the clinical psychologist's loss.

Kidman admits her country singer husband dropped everything to be by her side at a time she really needed him to be strong for her.

"I knew at some point that (the death of a parent) was going to come," she said in a recently taped interview for CBS Sunday Morning. "But boy, when it comes... it lays you out. It laid me out. I was like, 'I don't even know how to get up from this'."

Kidman revealed she called Urban "screaming and crying" when she got the news about her dad's death.

"He was about to go onstage, and he walked offstage and he got on a plane," she recalled. "He had just gotten there. He flew six hours, and he was right back there. And he literally picked me up and carried me through the next two weeks. And that, to me, that's a marriage, and that's love. And I'm so grateful to have that."

The actress credits her kids for helping her get through the two weeks after her father's death, adding, "(I had) my children going, 'It's going to be all right, Momma'."

Kidman's candid interview will air on Sunday (18Dec16).

Meanwhile, the actress was left red-faced during another TV appearance in Britain on Friday night (16Dec16), when chat show host Graham Norton dug up her first magazine spread in an Australian publication called Dolly when Nicole was just 14.

The stunned Oscar winner hid her face in her hands as shots of herself as a freckled redhead were shown by the cheeky Irishman.