Article Dec 07, 2016

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Nina Agdal: 'The ideal man doesn't exist'

Nina Agdal doesn’t believe there is such thing as an "ideal man".

The Danish beauty is a seasoned Sports Illustrated and Victoria's Secret model, and has starred in fashion editorials for the likes of Vogue Mexico, Elle and Cosmopolitan.

Her growing fame has led to some high-profile relationships, with Nina dating actor Leonardo DiCaprio since May (16).

Even though she’s dating one of the biggest names in Hollywood, Nina isn’t sure it’s possible to find a perfect partner.

“What’s an ideal man? I don’t think there is an ideal man,” she told W magazine for their In Bed With interview series. “I think it’s all different, and probably this answer would change if you asked me five years ago to now, and then in five years, but I think it all comes down to a solid, good-hearted, smart, funny, and happy man, 'cause if you have all of that, that’s all I want, so I think you would be on the same page. It’s pretty simple.”

But Nina did admit that whoever she settles down with in the future will need to be prepared to put up with some of her quirks. The 24-year-old reveals that she doesn’t like to sleep by herself and is never the "big spoon" in bed unless she’s snuggling with a friend.

“I don’t know what it is, it’s always been like that - I always sleep better if there’s somebody next to me. Obviously not just anyone; there’s something calming about knowing that there’s another person next to you, so I definitely sleep better with somebody there,” she divulged.

In the interview, Nina can be seen posing in an oversized white oxford shirt which is positioned to reveal lacy blue lingerie. And she added that she actually prefers to bare all when she hits the hay.

“My mom used to always wear pyjamas, and I just hated when she would put that on me, so now when I’m 3,000 miles away, I always sleep nude. Sorry, mom,” laughed Nina.