Article Oct 29, 2016

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Norah Jones didn't sing to her newborn baby

Norah Jones was apprehensive about singing to her son when he was first born after taking in everything written by parenting experts.

The Come Away With Me star welcomed her son in February, 2014, and she made sure to read up on everything she should and shouldn't be doing as a first-time mother.

Some experts even advised against using lullabies to soothe a crying child, so Norah initially held back on using her silky vocals to sing her boy to sleep.

"When he was a baby, I was reading all these books that told me not to play with him in the middle of the night because you want him to go back to sleep," she recalled to People magazine. "My mom was like, 'That's the saddest thing ever. You're a singer!'"

The multi-Grammy-winning star took heed of her mother's comments and soon changed her ways, and she has been singing to her kid ever since.

Norah, the daughter of Indian music legend Ravi Shankar, welcomed her second child, a baby girl, over the summer (16), and she is now preparing to put her juggling skills to the test as she gets ready to kick off her European tour with her young family in tow.

"I'm just going to bring my kids on tour and hope for the best," she smiled. "We'll know in a few months if they're good at it or not! But I think kids are adaptable, and I have a lot of help. Everybody in our touring family is like an uncle to them, or an aunt; we're all a pretty close band. It'll be fun."

Jones, 37, will have her musician husband by her side to help out as she heads to Switzerland for her first show on 7 November (16). The famously-private couple recently wed, but she has refrained from revealing his identity, and the names of their kids, because he prefers to stay out of the limelight.

"He likes to stay mysterious, and I'm going to let him stay mysterious," she told in September (16). "Totally his call!"