Article Nov 17, 2016

You are no longer passing

Octavia Spencer promises to fight to protect equal rights after Trump victory

Oscar winner Octavia Spencer and George Takei have urged fans disappointed with Donald Trump's shock U.S. election win to continue fighting to protect the "values we cherish".

The controversial property mogul and reality TV star pulled off a stunning victory over his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton after polls closed on Tuesday (08Nov16), and he was declared the 45th U.S. President in the early hours of Wednesday (09Nov16).

Trump's win left Clinton's many celebrity supporters shocked and saddened, while some, like Katy Perry and Madonna, remained defiant, with the Firework singer calling on fans to "RISE UP", adding, "Do not sit still. Do not weep. MOVE. We are not a nation that will let HATE lead us."

Star Trek legend Takei has also shared his thoughts on how Americans can move forward in light of the Republican's election to the White House, after causing offense to women and the Latin, African-American, and Muslim communities, among others, across the U.S. throughout his campaign.

In a lengthy Facebook post, the actor admits he is also "in a state of shock", but states, "We must not despair."

"In times like these we must reaffirm the values we cherish and have fought for: equality, justice, the care of our planet," he continues. "We must stand up defiantly to any dark or divisive acts, and look out for the most vulnerable among us. It is more important than ever.

"Within our hearts we know the society we wish to live in. No one can take that vision from us. We are each of us keepers of that promise. This country has seen wars and grave injustices, slavery and even civil war in its past. Yet we found our way through."

The Help star Octavia has shared similar sentiments in an emotional post on Instagram, using the Trump victory to motivate younger generations to get politically involved to defend the rights of all Americans.

She declares: "I'm determined to be a watch dog. Determined to hold all of these 'officials' to task. Bullying can't be allowed. Sexism can't be allowed. Racism can't be allowed. Homophobia can't be tolerated. Become activists. Prepare for the next cycle."

Meanwhile, Captain America star Chris Evans, who had earlier confessed he was "devastated" and embarrassed by the election outcome, is now adopting a more positive outlook for the future.

"No more fear. Only hopeful optimism," he shares on Twitter. "I gonna let love be my guide. All my energy will now go towards protecting the rights of ALL Americans".