Article Nov 26, 2016

You are no longer passing

Paris Hilton turned away from flight due to invalid passport

Paris Hilton has indicated she will be firing her assistant after a passport mix-up caused her to be turned away from a flight to Australia.

The socialite was due to fly out from America to Australia earlier this week (beg13Nov16) to promote her latest perfume Gold Rush in the country. However, her travel plans were delayed when she tried to fly with an invalid passport.

Paris revealed during an appearance on Australian radio show KIIS 106.5FM's show Hughesy & Kate that the mistake was down to her assistant, who could soon be relieved of her post.

"My assistant actually gave the wrong passport to the visa people," she said. "But thank goodness I made it here."

When host Kate Langbroek asked if she meant to say "Ex-assistant", Paris replied, "Yes, that's about to happen."

Paris, 35, landed in Melbourne, Australia on Wednesday (16Nov16) to launch her new fragrance but she will also be doing a spot of DJing at the Marquee at The Star in Sydney on Saturday (19Nov16) and Brisbane's Fluffy nightclub on Sunday (20Nov16).

As part of her promo, she appeared on TV show The Project on Thursday (17Nov16) and revealed she had voted for Donald Trump to become the next U.S. President in the recent shock election.

When she was asked by the interviewers if she did vote for the new President-elect, she giggled nervously before replying, "I’ve known him since I am (sic) a little girl so, yes."

She had previously been tight-lipped about the election and when she was asked by TMZ who she would be voting for, she refused to say and added, "My mother told me to never talk about politics or money."

The hosts also asked her about the hashtag #ParisforPresident which emerged online after the election and if she would ever consider running.

"Sounds good, I like the ring to that," she smiled. "President Paris, I like it."