Article Nov 21, 2016

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Perrie Edwards opens up about 'pressure' of being a role model

Perrie Edwards feels under pressure to act responsibly now she's a role model for so many young girls.

The 23-year-old singer is one quarter of British band Little Mix, who have become one of the most famous groups in the world since they were formed on U.K. talent show The X Factor back in 2011.

But with such a huge profile, Perrie and her bandmates now find their every move in the public eye - meaning they sometimes have to be careful about what they say and do.

"I think being named role models kind of happened just naturally, we never really asked for it," Perrie told Fault magazine as the girls posed for a sultry photoshoot for the publication. "Which is lovely, I love the fact that girls look up to us and we empower people and inspire them.

"But obviously, we’re young girls and we’re going to do silly things sometimes that can kind of put pressure on us, but we’re just being ourselves. And if that means that we’re being role models by just being ourselves, then that’s incredible. It’s a massive compliment."

Little Mix are currently enjoying huge success with their recent single Shout Out to My Ex, which they previously revealed references Perrie's split from her former One Direction fiance Zayn Malik. They also caused controversy with a performance of the track on The X Factor last month (Oct16) because of their barely there outfits, but Perrie insists the group is just trying to do their bit to promote equal rights between men and women in the music industry.

"We don’t think it’s fair that women get scrutinized more than men," she added. "Everything is harder for a woman in every kind of aspect and that’s why we try to empower women with our music, our image and everything we stand for.

"If we can help a little bit, then we’re doing okay."