Article Oct 19, 2016

You are no longer passing

Peter Sarsgaard and Jackie castmates caught up in aftermath of Paris terror attacks

Actor Peter Sarsgaard experienced the tension in Paris following the 2015 terror attacks, while filming Jackie in the city days after the bombings rocked the city.

Sick terrorists planted bombs around the city and opened fire in the Bataclan Theatre during a Queens of the Stone Age concert during a night of horror last November (16), and The Magnificent Seven star was there just a few days later to begin work on the Jackie Kennedy biopic.

"I participated in the People's Climate Change in Paris right as we were filming, which came right after the attacks. I went to a concert not long after that where Patti Smith and Thom Yorke and Flea and a bunch of people played. You could feel that tense feeling.

"That's the thing that we were reminded of all the time. It wasn't just a time of tragedy and sadness; it was a time of chaos. Anything could've happened next and I think that's the easiest part we could have forgotten when we were doing the film."

And Peter reveals he and his castmates and film crew members were caught up in the aftermath of the terror attacks.

"It was a kind of militarized environment," he tells WENN. "We were in one of the areas where they thought the terrorists were because we were filming in suburbs some of the time."

Director Pablo Larrain adds, "It was terrible because the terrorist attacks were a week before production. A couple of days after the attacks in the north of Paris in Saint-Denis, they grabbed some of the terrorists involved in the shootings and we were shooting near there in the Luc Besson Studios.

"I remember one day we had to stop and just turn around because there was this huge raid of policemen. When they shot all these people in the street in Bataclan, a lot of those people were artists and a lot of the people in our crew knew people that died that day. So working with people who just lost friends; the mood of the country and the city was terrible... It was very, very sad and very hard."