Article Oct 26, 2016

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Priyanka Chopra: 'It's important for my fitness regimen and diet to be balanced'

Actress Priyanka Chopra refuses to overexert herself when it comes to her fitness regimen.

The former Bollywood star, who has now found fame in Hollywood, doesn't like to be stringent about her fitness routine and diet because she fears it could interfere with her "fast-paced" life.

"You don't have to kill yourself in the gym," Priyanka, who will appear in the new Baywatch movie alongside Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron, tells "You don't have to starve yourself. I love having my pizzas and burgers and buffalo wings, on the side, for sure. But I like staying fit as well."

She also worries about appearing too thin, and sticks to a balanced diet that allows her to keep her curves.

She adds, "I want to be curvaceous and not super-skinny, but at the same time I want to be lean. So I try and eat healthy whenever I can."

The actress insists staying healthy is the most important aspect of her job - because if she falls ill it will impact her career.

"I have to stay super active and agile because I do my own stunts," she says. "I do all my fights myself. I trust my body and my instincts.

"People always say you should listen to your body, but I don't listen to my body. My body listens to me. I can't afford to be sick or low on energy. It's mind over matter - I'm going to have a good day, and not in that fake 'happy girls are the best girls' way. Identify the weaknesses, shut them in a box, find your strengths, and run with them."