Article Oct 22, 2016

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Ralph Lauren curates classic collection

Ralph Lauren is launching a capsule collection made up of some of the fashion house’s signature looks.

The U.S. brand is known for its all-American aesthetic, and many of Lauren’s lines feature the same designs reimagined for the changing seasons. Honing in on his signature designs, Lauren has now curated a 10-piece line made up of his classic pieces, which will drop on Wednesday (19Oct16).

The 10 key looks are: British Warmer, the Tuxedo, the RL Blazer, the RL Safari Jacket, the Fireman’s Coat, the Navy Peacoat, the Army Field Jacket, the Officer’s Jacket, the Tweed Jacket and the Sailor Pant.

Cashmere sweaters, broadcloth shirts, wool-flannel trousers, jeans, accessories will also be available.

For the accompanying campaign, Lauren recruited 10 stunning models to showcase the classic looks, including Stella Tennant, Jacquetta Wheeler and Margaret Qualley. Steven Meisel shot the still imagery while a short fashion film was directed by Fabien Baron and styled by Karl Templer. The campaign will be included in many December issues of fashion magazines.

Prices range from $1,000 (£815) up to $8,000 (£6,530), and the garments will be available via the Ralph Lauren website, the brand’s flagships stores and Bergdorf Goodman.

“All my life I’ve been drawn to pieces of clothing that had an authenticity and timeless spirit created not with fashion in mind, but to serve a purpose,” Lauren explained, according to WWD. “(These are the iconic pieces that have) always been at the center of my personal style and have inspired this collection I’ve personally curated.”