Article Dec 02, 2016

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Rashida Jones was attacked by Michael Jackson's chimpanzee Bubbles

Rashida Jones has a scar on her hand from when she was bitten by Michael Jackson's chimpanzee Bubbles in the '80s.

The former Parks and Recreation actress and the daughter of music producer Quincy Jones, who worked on the late pop icon's albums Thriller, Bad and Off the Wall, showed off a scar on her hand during an appearance on Viceland TV show Desus & Mero this week (begs21Nov16) and revealed she was once attacked by Michael's pet monkey Bubbles after she had scolded him for misbehaving.

"I got attacked... By Bubbles," she said. “I was trying to punish him because he threw something at me. And I, like, hit him on the head was like, ‘No!’ because I had seen Michael punish him (like that) before.

“He just grabbed my hand and he looked me dead in the eye,” she said, before miming the chimpanzee biting her hand. “It was, like, white for 10 minutes... It was, like, white and then it was pouring blood, 10 minutes later.”

She said Bubbles didn't seem to have any regrets about the incident, joking, “He was like, ‘I’m the man.'"

Rashida, 40, also described Bubbles’ outfit, recalling that at the time he was wearing a little overall jumpsuit with a striped T-shirt and little Timberland boots, and added, “To pretend he was a human. He had a lot of swag.”

Michael, who died in 2009, famously had a close relationship with the monkey and reportedly let him sleep in a crib in his bedroom, eat at the dining table and use his personal toilet.

Once Bubbles became an adult, he was sent to live with a California-based animal trainer in 2003. He has been at the Center for Great Apes sanctuary in Florida since 2005.