Article Nov 13, 2016

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Reese Witherspoon encourages her children to be 'hard workers'

Reese Witherspoon hopes her children will be inspired by her strong work ethic.

The 40-year-old star is kept busy with her acting career, her clothing and lifestyle brand Draper James, as well as her three children.

But while things can sometimes get a bit hectic, Reese is keen for Ava, 17, Deacon, 13 and four-year-old Tennessee to take inspiration from her multifaceted career.

"My mom worked, and I think it’s good for kids to see women working and being successful," she told America's InStyle magazine. "I think it’s going to make them hard workers because they see that I don’t get much sleep. I want them to grow up with passion. This is the one life you get, and you have to live it to the very end."

Reese also has the benefit of having her older children, from her marriage to Ryan Phillippe, to help her look after Tennessee, whose father is the actress' husband Jim Toth. But that doesn't mean balancing her personal and professional lives is easy.

"I’m just trying to hold on, trying to make it through," she added. "My older kids help with the little one. It’s nice to have a big family."

Despite initially finding fame in romantic comedies such as Legally Blonde, Reese has substantially changed her career over the years and even took home an Oscar for her role as June Carter in 2005 movie Walk The Line. She was nominated again for the Best Actress gong for movie Wild, which she also produced, and it's taking on new challenges like being behind the camera that had led to the blonde star having such a varied life.

"I’ve been acting for about 25 years, and I still love it, but I like the challenge of trying something else too," she explained. "I find there are a lot of people talking about New York and Los Angeles, but there’s a whole world out there in between, and that’s who I like to tell stories about and make products for - people who love the life they have and have a sense of style that’s uniquely their own."