Article Dec 11, 2016

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Reese Witherspoon: 'Looking good should not be stressful'

Women should not have to panic while selecting what outfits to wear, according to stylish actress Reese Witherspoon.

Whether she is stepping out on a red carpet or just running errands, the Legally Blonde star looks consistently chic, and her trick to being a trendsetter is to not worry about her fashion choices.

“Every woman should feel comfortable and confident because when you look good, you feel good," she tells Extra, adding, "Don’t get stressed, just put on a cute dress and a pair of sandals and you’re done.”

Reese launched her clothing line Draper James in 2015 and the Academy Award winner credits growing up in the South with helping her craft such a carefree attitude towards looking good while out and about.

“I grew up in the middle of the country, so when I think of dressing, I think about all the people in between New York and L.A. (Los Angeles) and what we wear to sporting events or church or a dinner party," she explains. “Southern women like to look dressed. I grew up in a place where you were supposed to dress up to go on an airplane. I like getting dressed up, I think it’s fun and I want to make that easy for women.”

And Ava, Reese's 17-year-old daughter from her marriage to ex-husband Ryan Philippe, is following in mom's footsteps when it comes to fashion, and the actress is thrilled her eldest child is taking note of the advice she has been given, telling the teen, "Just be confident and feel good about yourself."

"She’s (Ava's) really enjoying fashion. It’s great to see her becoming a beautiful young woman," Reese smiles.