Article Nov 30, 2016

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Roger Moore: 'Insecurity led me to invent a confident alter ego'

Roger Moore invented a confident alter ego because he was so shy around girls.

As his most famous character James Bond, the 89-year-old actor has seduced his fair share of beautiful actresses. But when it comes to real life, Roger used to be worlds away from 007, admitting he struggled to talk to the opposite sex.

"In my teens I was very insecure,” he told Britain's The Telegraph newspaper. “And so I invented Roger Moore. I was possibly shy. I don’t know why some people are shy and some aren’t. Some people blush very easily.

"I was not very self-confident with them. I got lucky occasionally. But with a lack of confidence."

Roger is currently in the middle of a stage tour which sees him relive various parts of his upbringing and life in the public eye. And asked if there was anything in particular that may have contributed to self-esteem issues, Roger told the publication that he had weight issues as a youngster.

"I was probably a little bit overweight as a child, being passionate about baked beans on toast and Cadbury’s milk chocolate when I could get it," he said. "And I remember my father sort of pulling the belt of my blue schoolboy’s raincoat rather tight when we were going out and saying, 'you are like a sack of bloody potatoes, tied up and ugly in the middle’. I think the insecurity probably came from that."

Despite taking on a vast array of roles in his career, Roger is most well known for his portrayal of suave spy Bond. The character is currently being played by Daniel Craig and has a much darker tone than in Roger's day, but the actor insisted he wouldn't play the role any differently if he took it on today.

"I wouldn’t have changed it from the way I played it," he said. "I played it slightly tongue-in-cheek because I never quite believed that James Bond was a spy because everybody knew him, they all knew what he drank. He’d walk into a bar and it would always be, 'Ah, Commander Bond, martini, shaken not stirred.’ Spies are faceless people."