Article Nov 19, 2016

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Rosamund Pike went to a day rave alone while pregnant

Rosamund Pike once went to a morning rave by herself while eight months pregnant.

The Oscar-nominated actress is a fan of trance techno music and when she was in New York following the press tour for Gone Girl in 2014, she heard about morning raves, which begin at 6am and feature electronic music, dancing, yoga, poetry and no alcohol, and she was keen to go but none of her friends showed up so she went by herself while heavily pregnant.

“It’s possibly not something people would expect of me, but it’s (techno music) a good way out of my own thinking space," she told talk show host Graham Norton. "When I finished the Gone Girl press tour, which was quite a commitment, I was in New York, eight months pregnant and heard about a morning rave and I thought, ‘That has my name on it.’

"I was out with friends the night before and they were really up for it. Come 6am I’m ready and waiting and I’m the only one there. I thought either I can go home or I can just do this on my own. So I went in with the bump and it was just fantastic."

Rosamund gave birth to her second son Atom with partner, businessman Robie Uniacke later that year (14) and jokes they didn't use lullabies to get him to sleep but house music.

The 37-year-old has been with Robie - who has two other children, Robie Jnr, 32 and Olive - since late 2009 and they have another son together, Solo who was born in 2012.

During the interview, she recalled a date she went on in 2009 while she was starring in stage play Madam de Sade with Dame Judi Dench, who suggested she look him up on the Internet first.

She said, "You do not say no to Judi so I went to dinner with him and when I told him we had looked him up, he said, ‘I expect you read about the body that washed up on the beach near my house. It wasn’t anything to do with me!’ You have some amazing encounters and you have to open yourself up to the stranger dimensions of being in the public eye.”