Article Nov 29, 2016

You are no longer passing

Rose McGowan writing tell-all book about Hollywood hell

Outspoken actress Rose McGowan has got Hollywood nervous after revealing she'll be "naming names" in a new book about her life.

The former Charmed star, who recently revealed she was raped by an unnamed Hollywood executive early on in her career, insists her memoir will be explosive and she'll open up about the seedier side of Tinseltown.

"I'm writing a book right now, it's called Brave," Rose explained during a chat with singer and actress Meredith Graves for the Talkhouse Film podcast. "It's an early overview of my life, and about what Hollywood stole and what I took back and how you too can be brave in your own life.

"I'm going to (name names). I don't care (about the consequences). These people did these things and they do not deserve protection. They all act like it's this white male mafia that everybody's joined. I didn't join your mafia - you didn't ask. Do you think I'm going to keep your secrets? Suck it!"

And she insists the book will be a real eye-opener for young wannabes with dreams of making it big in Hollywood.

"It's a dark place," she adds. "People don't realize it, and I hate to disillusion people... (but) I am ground zero for this. I was the pixel that was sent out to be masturbated to. I'm very aware of what's up."

Just weeks ago, the Grindhouse star opened up about her rape ordeal at the hands of a top studio boss, revealing she was told by a female attorney she'd never win a case against him because she had appeared in a movie sex scene.

"It's time for some g**damned honesty," she raged on social media. "It's been an open secret in Hollywood/Media & they shamed me while adulating my rapist."

Using the trending hashtag #whywomendontreport, McGowan added, "a criminal attorney said because I'd done a sex scene in a film I would never win against the studio head."

She stopped short of naming her alleged attacker and merely hinted at the man in question, revealing an ex sold "our movie to my rapist for distribution".

She married visual artist Davey Detail, her now ex-husband, in 2013. She also previously dated Marilyn Manson and filmmaker Robert Rodriguez.