Article Dec 21, 2016

You are no longer passing

Ryan Gosling 'disappointed' Chris Rock after his Oscar monologue

Ryan Gosling “disappointed” Chris Rock by being the first person he saw following his opening monologue at the 2016 Oscars.

The Blue Valentine actor appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Wednesday night (07Dec16), where the pair discussed Kimmel’s upcoming hosting duties at the 2017 Academy Awards. One piece of important advice Ryan passed on to the star was to ensure he had right “right people” backstage for when he steps off the stage of the first time, as he learnt how crucial it is after witnessing Chris’ initial exit this year (16).

“When Chris hosted, he came off after his monologue and you want to see in that moment a friend, somebody that you know, but instead he saw me,” Ryan recalled. “I was presenting next, but the disappointment in his eyes that he saw me was palpable. I didn’t hear the monologue because I was travelling through the bowels of the building while it was happening so I didn’t know what to say. We’re just staring at each other.”

He credits comedian Dave Chappelle for saving them from the “awful” situation by moving Ryan aside and congratulating Chris on his performance. He also shared his confidence in Kimmel, promising the TV personality that he’ll do a great job on the night.

Ryan’s interview on the show came after he and his La La Land co-star Emma Stone were honored at the TCL Chinese Theatre in the real Los Angeles, leaving their hand and footprints in cement. Despite it being a great honor the 36-year-old admitted he found the pose he had to pull extremely undignified.

“(The thing they go to) is to get on all fours. What they want is for you to get on all fours and you have to look up and smile, and it’s not maybe your first choice of positions that you want to be in,” he commented. “You have to have a look of gratitude too... I have to deal with (cement on) the shoes. I don’t have shoe people.”