Article Dec 15, 2016

You are no longer passing

Ryan Guzman pushed by ‘inspirational’ Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez makes Ryan Guzman work harder.

The 29-year-old actor starred opposite the singer-and-actress in 2015 thriller The Boy Next Door and the pair have remained close ever since. Discussing what it was like to collaborate with Jennifer, Ryan didn’t hold back in praising the star on her multiple talents and determination.

“She's another reason why I work so hard. There are people in my life who push me towards what I want a little bit harder,” he told “Just watching her put on so many different hats at once and do it effortlessly, and make everybody else in the world think it's easy to do - write a book, write a movie, produce a TV show, judge on another TV show, dance at her own concert - to do all of this at one time, (she makes it look) easy to do... Hopefully one day I can do the exact same thing.”

Describing her as an “inspiration to the core”, the Pretty Little Liars star added Jennifer helped him when he had questions about the industry as they both rose to fame from “humble beginnings”.

Ryan tries to encourage others himself too with uplifting, positive social media posts about reinforcing confidence, hoping it will rub off on up-and-coming performers.

“Hopefully it's the next generation of kids, and young men and ladies who want to build a foundation that this world relies on,” he said of the effects of his online activity. “I want everybody to find meaning in whatever they do. That's the only purpose to life, actually. Let that meaning be so strong that you can't not wake up every day and be like, ‘Yep, this is what I gotta do, let's keep it moving’ and not be disgruntled about it, and start using other people as excuses for why you're not creating a better life for yourself.”