Article Dec 07, 2016

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Ryan Reynolds: 'I hope no one sees my awful singing audition clip'

Ryan Reynolds is hoping tape from his worst audition stays buried - because he fears it could end his acting career.

The Deadpool star admits he has never auditioned well and one particular try-out, for which he was required to show off his singing skills, did not go as planned.

"I'm a nervous singer," the new dad told Taraji P. Henson during a recent Variety Studios: Actors on Actors conversation. "I'm one of those people that... when you're in the shower, and you're like, 'This is pretty good?' But once I get out into the real world, it’s just like my voice turns into a hammer that hits everybody in the face.

"So I did an audition where I had to sing, and it was pretty bad. It’s one of those auditions that was so bad that I look back and I think, 'What if that tape surfaces at some point? That’ll be the death of me!' Yeah, that was pretty awful."

And the 40-year-old still has nightmare auditions to this day - he recently went up for a role in a new Coen Brothers movie and quickly realized he was out of his league.

"I auditioned and failed for the Coen brothers," he said. "It wasn't the right fit, mostly because they're very high class. They were just quietly shaking their heads, like, 'What are you doing here? Do you have a SAG (Screen Actors Guild) card?'"

But Ryan isn't too upset - his Deadpool movie, which Reynolds had been developing for years, was a big hit and he'll be back for the sequel.