Article Dec 17, 2016

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Sarah Jessica Parker: 'My seven-year-old wants to step into my fashion shoes'

Sarah Jessica Parker is amused by her seven-year-old daughter's plans to take over her fashion empire.

The stylish Sex and the City actress is the owner of a line called the SJP Collection, which offers handbags, clothing and footwear, and the star's little girl is so inspired by her mom's success, she's already decided to follow her mother's footsteps into the rag trade.

"Apparently one of my daughters is plotting to take over," Sarah tells ET Online. "She has designs, so to speak, on running as she says, 'Mama's company.'"

Parker and her three children often have impromptu styling sessions together, and her tots always have lots of ideas as to what mum should wear.

"If I walk on the stairs or they see me getting dressed, they have opinions about what I'm wearing," she reveals. "They don't offer up design ideas yet, but I'm sure that's all moments away from happening."

Sarah is known for donning creative outfits on and off the red carpet, but she doesn't set out to make a statement when she's pulling pieces out of her wardrobe.

"I don't calculate the risks," she said. "I would never go back in time and say, 'That was risky and that wasn't.' Everybody else feels very comfortable telling that, or telling me, or talking about it and that's perfectly fine. I'm sure there's been some hits and some misses, and I bet someone else is far better equipped to tell you which were the risks and which weren't."

However, when it comes to running her fashion business, Parker admits it hurts when ventures don't work out.

"The failures are really disappointing, because there are other people involved," the Divorce star explained. "It's not yourself as much as how it affects other people, but hopefully you can bring those people along on other opportunities and be smarter in some way in the future."