Article Jan 01, 2017

You are no longer passing

Shannen Doherty dispels cancer misconceptions after elevator incident

Shannen Doherty has insisted "you can't catch cancer" after experiencing an upsetting reaction following her radiation treatment.

The 45-year-old actress is currently undergoing treatment for breast cancer, and embarked on the radiation stage of the journey, during which radiation is used to shrink tumours and kill cancer cells, last month (Nov16).

The former Beverly Hills, 90210 star had her latest radiation treatment on Thursday (15Dec16), and took to her Instagram page afterwards to share a tale of a stranger's "horrified" reaction to her revelation about her health battle.

Alongside a snap of herself and husband Kurtis Warienko in the car, Shannen wrote: "Driving home from radiation with my love @kurtiswarienko Today, we were in an elevator and I was asked how I was feeling.

"I responded by saying that I had just gotten a radiation treatment so therefore very tired. The random girl on the elevator with us physically lunged away as far as she could. She then proceeded to look horrified for the next 3 floors."

Shannen continued her post by revealing she would like to set the record straight about cancer, writing: "Just a heads up.... 1. You can't catch it 2. The radiation won't leak out of me and go into you. Hope that helps."

She concluded her message with the hashtags "#cancertruths from the #cancerslayer".

Shannen went public with her cancer diagnosis last year (15) after her health battle was revealed in legal papers against her business managers at Tanner Mainstain Glynn & Johnson, who allegedly let her health insurance policy lapse, forcing her to wait to see a doctor about a lump in her breast.

The two parties reportedly settled the dispute in August (16), but earlier this month (Dec16), Shannen's husband filed his own suit against the firm's bosses, claiming their reported oversight had ruined his sex life.