Article Dec 04, 2016

You are no longer passing

Sharon Osbourne will never give up cancer fight

Sharon Osbourne will continue speaking out about cancer until a cure is discovered.

The 64-year-old star was diagnosed with bowel cancer in 2002, undergoing surgery and chemotherapy, and a decade later found out she carried the BRCA1 gene - which increases the chance of breast cancer. To prevent the disease Sharon underwent a double mastectomy, like Angelina Jolie did a year after having found she had the same gene, and now the flame-haired star is an ambassador for Cancer Research U.K.’s Race for Life along with her daughter Kelly, 32.

“I can’t say it doesn’t frighten me, but I also know you can beat it,” she told Britain’s Woman’s Own magazine. “Everywhere you go, someone is talking about cancer. It’s in everybody’s life – one in two people will be diagnosed with cancer. The strongest things Kelly and I have are our voices and everybody has to do what they can to help try to find a cure for this horrible disease.”

Kelly has found out she too carries BRCA1 after Sharon urged her to get tested and the lavender-locked beauty is keen to help her mother support the cause. Even Sharon’s husband and Kelly’s father, rock star Ozzy Osbourne, has joined in by reminding his daughter to keep an eye out for any indications of the illness.

“It’s not just about aches and pains,” Kelly said of early warning signs of cancer. “My dad always asks me, ‘Have you checked yourself for any lumps recently?’ The first time he said it to me it took me back for a second. How many dads out there are actually asking their daughters this? Not many I should think, because they’re embarrassed.”