Article Dec 02, 2016

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Shia LaBeouf escorted out of Warpaint gig - report

Actor Shia LaBeouf was escorted out of a Warpaint gig in Austin, Texas, according to several fans in attendance.

The American Honey actor, 30, was in the city for a screening of his film Man Down last Thursday (17Nov16) after which he took questions from fans.

Aware the star was in town, Warpaint tweeted out an invitation to the star asking him to come to their gig at Austin's Emo's nightclub.

Fans watching the Los Angeles indie rockers alleged that Shia attended the gig and was removed from the venue by security staff after scuffling with several revellers.

"Shia LaBeouf was at the Warpaint show I attended last night," a user with the handle M1sterX wrote on social media website Reddit. "He was probably 10 feet away from my right and was nearly unrecognizable, save for the ponytail tucked underneath his baseball cap and his scruffy beard.

"Anyway, at the beginning of the last song (pre-encore), he began to shove his way to the front and was involved in an altercation with other patrons of the venue, as it was already full where he was shoving himself into. Guys were shoving him around as he was fighting back. Security escorted him out and the band addressed the issue (since we were up front), but kept it classy and didn't mention his name."

Others in attendance replied to M1sterX's post confirming that Shia, who married actress Mia Goth in Las Vegas last month (Oct16), had been involved in an altercation at the gig, with one admitting to shoving the actor after taking exception to his behaviour towards a female friend.

The user, named Pashacre wrote, "He kept magnetizing to the front, and somewhere in the mix he was pushing his leg in between my friend Livi's. She shoved him down, and that's when I tried to push him out of the crowd. Then someone stopped me because it was Shia."

The gig goer revealed the band stopped performing due to the scuffle and alleged Shia was then escorted out of the venue.

Representatives for Shia and Warpaint did not respond to requests for comment.