Article Nov 29, 2016

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Shia LaBeouf had to explain Vegas nuptials to Mia Goth's dad

Shia LaBeouf had to "have a talk" with wife Mia Goth's father after their impromptu Las Vegas wedding.

The Transformers actor tied the knot with his Nymphomaniac: Volume 2 co-star Mia in the Viva Vegas Wedding Chapel last month (Oct16), with both of their mothers in attendance. While there is still a question over whether their union is legal, as the pair did not apply for a licence to wed, Shia is happy they underwent the commitment ceremony and that it was live streamed, as it meant that Mia's father could watch it.

"My stuff is never trying to be tricky, I’m really transparent. So yeah, we paid to get this wedding and with it came this live link and then the live link somehow found its way to TMZ but it wasn’t, that wasn’t the goal. But her dad saw it that way so that was nice," Shia said during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday night (21Nov16).

When host Jimmy asked him if Mia's dad was "mad" that he had to watch the ceremony on the Internet, Shia laughed: "We had to have a talk - for sure. She was supposed to call him but somehow..."

The conversation wasn't an easy one either, with Shia adding: "He’s an ice trucker, he’s a really tough dude to talk to."

As well as his wedding ceremony, Shia has hit headlines in recent months due to his eccentric performance art events. They have included a live stream of him watching all of his movies back-to-back, which lasted three whole days, and setting up a phone line for members of the public to call him and "touch his soul".

However, Shia insists that while the scenarios might sound crazy on paper, he has enjoyed every second of being part of them.

"That’s what happens - you get fired from a show and you just kind of float for a little bit," he smiled. "I know it sounds silly but I’m enjoying myself. I find a lot of joy in it, and I think the people who take part in it take a lot of joy from it too.

"You go from self examination to self love, to people love and then it’s really joyful on the other side of these projects."