Article Nov 20, 2016

You are no longer passing

Silicon Valley stars allege harassment by Donald Trump supporters

Thomas Middleditch and Kumail Nanjiani, stars of HBO series Silicon Valley, claim they were harassed at a bar in Los Angeles on Friday evening (11Nov16).

Both actors took to Twitter on Saturday (12Nov16) explaining that they were approached by two white men in their 20s who told the pair they were "big fans". Kumail noted that the guys told them they were wrong about Donald Trump and then called them a derogatory term, "cucks".

Kumail further commented on Twitter that, "This happened at a bar in LA surrounded by ppl. I can’t imagine what it must be like to be someone who looks like me in other parts."

He also added that he and Thomas told the guys, "Hey we don't wanna discuss politics right now". His friends goes 'oh they're cucks.' (sic). Then starts yelling at us. 'CUCKS CUCKS CUCKS!'"

He continues, "He starts getting in my face. Thomas puts his hand on the dude's chest to stop him. 'Don't touch me you cuck. Wanna go outside?'"

Kumail further notes that a bouncer then came over, grabbed the guys and escorted them out of the bar, which is not named in the tweets.

"The bartender is awesome & apologetic," Kumail wrote. "Thomas & I are stunned."

Thomas, meanwhile, offered an explanation of the term 'cuck' on his own Twitter feed: "Btw, "cuck" is an Alt Right term. Look it up, it's not positive." He then tweeted a link to the term on Wikipedia, which includes as part of the explanation: "One definition of cuckservative is a conservative who sells out, having bought into all of the key premises of the left, and sympathizes with liberal values."

The tweets have been liked and shared multiple times, the following tweet from Kumail (who has 698,000 Twitter followers) has been retweeted at least 15,000 times: "Many ppl are like "just cuz I voted for Trump doesn't mean I'm racist/sexist." Ok, but at best, you ignored it, you overlooked it."

Silicon Valley is about six young men who founded a startup tech company in Silicon Valley and premiered on HBO on April 6 (14). The series remains on the air and has been renewed for a fourth season which will air next year (17).