Article Dec 02, 2016

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Sophia Bush: ‘My parents’ food makes Thanksgiving’

Sophia Bush spends months looking forward to her family’s Thanksgiving meal because her parents are skilled chefs.

The One Tree Hill actress grew up in a “big Italian family”, and mealtimes have always been special in her household. The Bush’s take food to the next level on the U.S. holiday though.

“Thanksgiving dinner is always the really big one in my house,” Sophia smiled to “I look forward to it for months, because my parents are both incredible cooks.”

On the menu for the 2016 celebration will be a traditional turkey dinner, with plenty of sides to fill the hungry family up.

“My mom's turkey is outrageous, and she also does some traditional recipes that she learned from her family,” she boasted. “She makes amazing meatballs and an outrageous side of pasta, and then my dad grills all the vegetables. It's all really unique to them.”

Sophia, who currently stars as detective Erin Lindsay in Chicago P.D., was raised in a family who enjoyed dining together, and the 34-year-old says to this day she finds sharing a meal with her nearest and dearest a rewarding experience.

“I truly find that it’s the most meaningful time for families, for groups of friends, and even for us working on a set,” she smiled.

“We work these crazy hours and sometimes when we realize the week's been really overwhelming, the cast will grab lunch and we'll all head to one of our trailers and just sit and catch up with each other for twenty minutes.”