Article Oct 25, 2016

You are no longer passing

Tamara Mellon competitively pricing revamped shoe line

Tamara Mellon hopes her new shoe offering fills a gap in the luxury footwear market.

The British designer co-founded footwear label Jimmy Choo in 1996, but departed in 2011 after the brand was acquired by Labelux.

She launched her eponymous company two years later and although she got off to a rocky start, filing for bankruptcy in 2015, Tamara is now back on track.

Previously revealing she’s adopted a direct-to-consumer business model, the style star is hopeful the strategy will mean her designs are priced at a competitive price point.

"(This model) reduces the markups and retail price,” she told “I pay the same cost price as all my competitors and the same cost price as I paid to make Jimmy Choo. The shoes do not get marked up as many times because they are not sold through the wholesale channel.”

The footwear is available exclusively through her website and over half of her lavish offerings cost under $500 (£410), making them cheaper than some of Jimmy Choo's designs.

Another twist Tamara has given to her brand is creating two separate lines; Collection and Lab.

"Collection includes timeless pieces with an edge,” she explained. “Lab is monthly limited-edition fashion forward pieces so there is always something new and exciting."

Lab designs include ankle high fishnet-style boots and strappy velvet knee high heels, while the classic Collection shoes feature designs such as pumps and sandals with PVC panels.

To ensure the footwear lasts, Tamara is also offering customers the Cobbler Concierge treatment, a complimentary service repairing and wear and tear within two years of purchase.

"I want to redefine luxury and I'm rethinking everything," she added.

Her brand also has new Chief Executive Officer Jill Layfield on hand as it goes from strength to strength.