Article Dec 09, 2016

You are no longer passing

Taraji P. Henson's personal life ruined by Empire

Taraji P. Henson's personal life has been turned upside down after landing the role of Cookie Lyon on TV series Empire.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button star enjoyed a little anonymity before Empire took off, but now the 46-year-old can't go out without getting recognized.

"You're walking down the street and they're (fans) just like, 'Hey Cookie...'," she chuckles, revealing she sometimes wants to be under the radar.

"Maybe I didn't want the world to see how I looked today, maybe I wore these sweats yesterday," she tells actor Ryan Reynolds on Variety's Actors on Actors. "It was fine until Cookie came, I was OK under the radar, I could go to Target (store). I never saw that coming. I go from this normal life to having to find a house on a private gated road. It's crazy."

And there are some things she can't do anymore thanks to her TV success: "I love people watching," she continues. "I like to go to the park and watch people and now people watch me. I've tried wigs, I've tried shades. I've tried it all."

In the interview, Ryan also talks about the affects social media has had on his life and career after his hit movie Deadpool came out earlier this year (16).

"I've only had it (social media) a year and a half and I applied it specifically for Deadpool, because as soon as Deadpool was greenlit, I got Twitter, I got Instagram, I got Facebook," he says. "The social media game for Deadpool was such a huge part of the marketing. I mean a lot of the stuff we shot, marketing materials, were just on my iPhone, just d**king around at my house or on set."