Article Nov 01, 2016

You are no longer passing

Tatyana Ali trying not to rush through son's childhood

New mom Tatyana Ali is learning to live in the moment and enjoy every step of her baby boy's development.

The former Fresh Prince of Bel-Air star welcomed her first child, son Edward, in September (16), just two months after tying the knot with her fiance Dr. Vaughn Rasberry.

Tatyana is loving life as a mom, but she often finds herself "daydreaming" about when her baby is a little older so he can learn all about the things she was fascinated with as a child.

"There are so many things I want to show him," she gushes in her baby blog for "He's mesmerized by the blue sky in the morning. Edward stares out of the French doors straight up into the sky and grins in his sideways way. Little bubbles of spit form at the corners of his heart-shaped lips.

"I fast forward into the not-so-distant future, daydreaming about showing him all the shapes that clouds can make if you look long enough."

However, Tatyana realizes she is getting ahead of herself and now she actively reminds herself to "slow down".

"Time moves quickly on its own; no need for me to push it along," she continues. "If I can try to remember anything at all in this heaven, it's to take my time, be present, take it all in, so I can remember everything and live in it eternally."

The actress met Rasberry on a dating website in late 2014 and she announced her pregnancy and engagement in March (16). They wed in a romantic ceremony at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills in July (16).