Article Dec 26, 2016

You are no longer passing

The Weeknd: 'I'm addicted to performing live'

The Weeknd's fans have turned the shy singer into a performance junkie.

The Can't Feel My Face singer, who is preparing to go on tour next year (17), has now grown addicted to life on the road after a rocky start.

The 26-year-old used to study video footage of his early performances, and admits he looked terrified onstage.

"I knew (I had to change) after my first Coachella (in 2012)," he tells Billboard magazine. "I looked at the tape and said, 'I have to do better. This is my life'. I was not satisfied. It was my first U.S. gig, playing the second main stage at dusk. That was a big move.

"Go back to my first show at the Mod Club in Toronto, and I was terrified. You could see it on my face. I never thought I'd love going onstage, but I do now. I'm addicted to it. My agents will be really happy to hear me say that..."

The Weeknd explains he started to feel more confident when he became more famous and knew his fans wanted to see him perform.

"I used to be very nervous, especially about performing on TV," he continues. "It's usually just nerves when somebody sounds bad. People who become famous for singing are usually pretty good at singing. I think being known helps the nerves. Now, when I step out at the American Music Awards or on Saturday Night Live, I have fans.

"Before, I was just some indie R&B singer and I had to prove myself. You could hear a pin drop in some of those TV stations. Now, people come out and buy tickets. I hear them scream my name, so I know I'll be fine. They want me to do well."