Article Feb 24, 2018

You are no longer passing

Tom Cruise's ankle-breaking jump will be part of new Mission: Impossible

The moment Tom Cruise shattered his ankle while filming Mission: Impossible - Fallout in London will be featured in the movie, according to his co-star Michelle Monaghan.

The Hollywood superstar, 55, broke his ankle jumping between buildings during an action scene in the movie last year (17) and had to limp away from the project for several months.

Tom returned to the U.K. to complete the film last month (Jan18) but admitted his foot was still not properly healed and he was fighting the pain to ensure the sixth Mission: Impossible movie was ready for its July (18) release date.

And now it seems the jump that shut down the set will feature in the new movie.

"I was not there that day but (Tom) did show me the video over and over again," Monaghan tells Entertainment Tonight. "That's the take that's gonna make the movie. So they're going to actually use that."

Michelle has worked with Cruise in the past and goes on to praise him for his work ethic.

"He's the best," she continues. There's really no one else like him. There is no one better. He truly does elevate everyone around him and you want to be better, you want to do better, you want to run faster yourself."

"He's just completely dedicated to what he does," she adds. "I worked with him many, many years ago when I first started... but having been back in the saddle with him again for (the sixth Mission: Impossible movie) was a complete reminder. He's not wavered in his commitment to his craft and to the material at hand. He's a real joy to work with."